My name is Rosie Boulton and I’m a freelance Audio Producer based in  Birmingham, with 30 years of experience in producing programmes for BBC Radio 3 and Radio 4. I specialise in crafted Features, Drama Documentaries and Music programmes. My production company is called Must Try Softer  Productions.

·        1998 Sony Gold for music documentary The Club that Scott Built

·        1999 joined forces with Peter Leslie Wild to make first drama documentary The Red Room by Lucy Gough. Over the next 15 years we made over 30 drama documentaries together

·        2001 nominated for Prix Italia for drama documentary series Signs of Life

·        Over the years produced 32 editions of Soul Music for Radio 4 and in 2002 won the Jerusalem Award

·        2004 Prix Marulic Silver Drama Award for drama documentary The Language of Flowers by Tim Jackson, co-produced with Peter Leslie Wild

·        2007 Prix Marulic Gold Drama Award for drama documentary  Beethoven’s Variations by Tim Jackson co-produced with Peter Leslie Wild

·        In 2010, scripted, produced and directed Radio 4’s first improvised drama Orchestra

·        2011 co-produced and directed the second series of Ambridge Extra

·        2012 the Sandford St Martin Award for documentary Hearing Ragas

·        2012 left BBC to become freelance producer working on, Something Understood, Fantasy Festival and All in a Chord for Radio 4

·        2016 BBC Drama Award for production and direction of Best Online Drama The Kindness of Time

·        A favourite programme was Hearing Ragas - Violinist Professor Paul Robertson's remarkable story of the Indian ragas he heard from within a coma, and the healing effect that Sir John Tavener's music had on him in his recovery.